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High Performance Camps

Player eligibilty...

Elite level camps  open to hockey players. Please refer to specific camp description to see age groups and skill levels available.

Designed for...

This specialty camp is geared towards your elite athlete looking for optimal repetitions and individual attention (low player to instructor ratio). Most camps are only instructed by Master Instructors.  The camps are focused on individual fundamentals with a high transfer rate to game play.

Focused Skills
  • First step speed 

  • Powerful transitions in and out of turns

  • Deep powerful edges

  • Evasive maneuvers

  • Saucer passes

  • Shooting in stride

  • Quick release

  • Multiple advanced stickhandling variations

  • Zone entries

  • Scoring Fundamentals

  • Specialized defenceman drills

  • Elastic bands and specialized over speed training devices may be used (refer to camp description)

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