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Power N Skills

Player eligibilty...

Only open to hockey players.  Please refer to camp descriptions for specific age grouping for camps. 

Designed for...

Camp will touch on all skills used in hockey.  Players will be challenged through a wide range of skills - power skating, passing, shooting, puck handling, dekes.  Station work may be utilized as well to focus on specific skills sets.  Bulk of drills are individual based skills.  Multi facet drills will be incorporated to use several skills sets at once.  Races and small area games will be utilized in a safe and competitive atmosphere to showcase skills learned.


Skills & Drills
  • Power skating (body position, balance, edges, backwards, crossovers, etc)

  • Proper stick and body position

  • Stickhandling variations (wide reach, toe pulls, fast hands, etc)

  • Deceptive dekes

  • Passing (backhand, forehand, saucer)

  • Different shooting styles (wrist, snap, slap, backhand) - more advanced shooting styles will only be taught at older age groups

  • Small area games

  • Competitive races

  • Multi facet drills incorporating several skills sets

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